Keynote Speakers

The information about the Keynote Speakers of ICSSH2023 is as follows, which will be updated regularly.

Dr. Bowen Zhang, Professor

Guizhou Research Institute of Social Construction, Guizhou University of Finance and Economics, Guiyang, China

Biography: Dr. Bowen Zhang, male, from Henan Boai, vice president of Guizhou Social Construction Research Institute, Guizhou University of Finance and Economics, third-level professor, doctor, master tutor, research interests of education policy and management, science and technology policy and management, and public policy. Dr. Bowen Zhang is the executive director of the Guizhou Sociology Society and, a member of the Democratic Progressive Party Committee of Guizhou Province. Invited researcher, expert think tank member on integration of defense and civilian technologies Development Committee of Guizhou Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China.

Topic: Research on Juvenile Protection Based on Child Sexual Assault Prevention and Crisis Intervention

Abstract: The protection of minors based on child sexual assault prevention and crisis intervention is a worldwide problem for the international community, which deserves research and attention. First of all, on the basis of reviewing the existing literature, it expounds on the necessity of strengthening interdisciplinary research and theoretical interpretation of relevant issues. Secondly, the feasibility of strengthening interdisciplinary research on related issues is discussed from the perspective of research ideas, content and methods. Finally, the basic conclusion of "Strengthening the research on the protection of minors based on the prevention of child sexual assault and crisis intervention should adhere to practical innovation" is reached, and the key point of "breaking through the key points and resolving difficulties, which is the key to ensure the smooth development and gradual deepening of the research work" "The viewpoint should be clear and have The important prerequisite for the results of the research work, "the research perspective should be new, which is an important guarantee to ensure that the research work can be unique", "the suggestions should be specific, and the measures should be effective, which is the top priority to ensure that the research work achieves the expected goals" and so on.

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